Saturday 25 November 2006, 15.00
Programme duration 60 min Image/Text is a film programme of work by Polish artists that investigates the transition from the domination of the 'pure visuality' of modernist art to post-modern 'textual practices' that were so important for the emergence of contemporary art in the 1960s. Amongst the seventeen works screened &#-106; chiefly from the 1970s and the turn of the twenty-first century &#-106; are Paulina Olowska's Welcome to the Exhibition (2005) which was inspired by the early twentieth-century alphabet works of Karel Teige, Ewa Partum's Poem by Ewa (1973) and Wilhelm Sasnal's Anarchy (2001). The selected films are made in a variety of media, including 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film, as well as video and computer animation. Texts, words and letters introduce ideas of order and narrative but also deliberately confuse or falsify these grammatical or literary structures as they are broken up, re-arranged and deconstructed. Curated by Lukasz Ronduda and Michael Wolinski in association with Piktogram Talking Pictures Magazine and The Archive of Polish Experimental Film.

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